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Summer basketball training camp

Chinese Ronaldinho Basketball Teaching Ronaldinho's materials

2022-06-27 01:39Summer basketball training camp
Summary: Xiao Luo's informationName: de Assis Moreira Ronaldinho gender: male Nationality: Brazil city of birth: date of birth: march21,1980 height: 181cm weight: 80kg field position: midfield field number:
Xiao Luo's information
Name: de Assis Moreira Ronaldinho gender: male Nationality: Brazil city of birth: date of birth: march21,1980 height: 181cm weight: 80kgChinese Ronaldinho Basketball Teaching  Ronaldinho's materials field position: midfield field number: 10 team: BarcelonaAbout Ronaldinho
Ronaldinho's most accustomed action is to raise his thumb and little finger and make a "six" gesture, which once triggered widespread speculation among the fans. In fact, the meaning of this gesture is very simple:
Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, who is better in your eyes
His football skills are more like "gorgeous dance step teaching". As long as he exists, he can turn a serious football match into a carnival of football team skills. Ronaldinho can turn his basketball in 100 ways; Ronaldinho's passing can be emulated by current football starsRonaldinho's technical characteristics
Ronaldinho's technical characteristics: dribbling: Ronaldinho's dribbling was once the most ornamental. Some people say that Ronaldinho is a spirit dancing samba. His fake moves are very confusing. Ox tail has become his signature move. The skills such as cycling and passing the ball are also very skillful. Ronaldinho's ball feeling and foot skills are super first-classWhat are Ronaldinho's usual methods of passing people
The tenth skill: "blind pass" Xiao Luo's little-known hobby is basketball, and the NBA star he most likes to observe is Magic Johnson, who is famous for "blind pass". Ronaldinho turned Johnson's skills into his own, so he saw thChinese Ronaldinho Basketball Teaching  Ronaldinho's materialse figure of a football "magician" on the football fieldWhat is Ronaldinho's position in Barcelona
I went to the wrong place. However, I like Ronaldinho very much. His official position on the information is left forward. However, on the court, it is more between the forward and the midfield. He can pass lethal balls or complete his own attack. In short, the whole front court is his
How powerful is Ronaldinho at his peak
That's strong, the model of small forward. At that time, his technical speed and body were first-class. The most important thing was his overall consciousness and organizational ability. Barcelona found itWhy is Ronaldinho called a football wizard? What are the characteristics of his football skills
It is mainly because Ronaldinho has outstanding skills, is very flexible, and plays football with great appreciation. His football skills are characteriChinese Ronaldinho Basketball Teaching  Ronaldinho's materialszed by excellent passing skills, strong scoring ability and high appreciationWhy does everyone like Ronaldinho? How about Ronaldinho's personal ability
His strength is against the sky! He is Messi's teacher. He once sank Real Madrid's "Galactic battleship" with his own strength! Whether playing football or his own aura, Ronaldinho has a strong charisma. Ronaldinho is the best footballer in the history of basketball who combines the appreciation value and application of playing footballI haven't been clear about Harvey's hChinese Ronaldinho Basketball Teaching  Ronaldinho's materialsistorical position in football. What level of player does he belong to
In the grey Swan stage, Ronaldinho's function in the right avantgarde was to be a key basketball star integrating promotion, organization and migration, while Deco was responsible for infiltration, dribbling and production scheduling in the small restricted area
Chinese Ronaldinho Basketball Teaching Ronaldinho's materials

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