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Summer basketball training camp

Basketball crotch teaching harden just harden

2022-06-23 00:41Summer basketball training camp
Summary: Is the step back three-point ball created by hardenThe three-point backward step originates from the jump shot backward step. These technical moves are not original by harden. Before, many players can
Is the step back three-point ball created by harden
The three-point backward step originates from the jump shot backward step. These technical moves are not original by harden. Before, many players can take a backward step to shoot. Iverson is an excellent player, but harden has extended this technology to the three-point line and is more proficient. Step back jump shBasketball crotch teaching harden  just hardenot. Step back jump shot is an advanced basketball action, which means step back jump shotHow powerful is harden in scoring
Harden's scoring ability is very strong. He can get the most points in a game because he is really strongHow did harden dribble from the hip and break through? Must adopt
The crotch is connected with a large crossover, and the shoulder sinks. Isn't he fragrant? If you can't pass another small body, your opponent won't be able to keep up with you. In and out at the beginning
How does harden practice his crotch dribble
Crotch dribble, that is, butterfly part, cross, quickly raise the leg, and then pass through
How can basketball exercise improve ball control skills
Any ball control technology is from imitation to innovation. If you want to improve your ball control technology, you must first know how high you want to reach. At this time, NBA is the teaching video that every basketball player who wants to improve the ball conBasketball crotch teaching harden  just hardentrol technology must watch. Paul, harden, curry, Durant and other superstarsWhy does harden dribble look so simple, but so easy to pass
To sum up, harden used that foot to do the crotch dribble. He would probably take this foot as the first step to break. Although he is a left-handed player, he can break both sides in this way. When the other side takes care of his crotch dribble, he will join one person to change forward and shake away the other side to complete the breakHarden has many shooting skills. Do you think he is the ceiling of the project
The main scoring method of harden's scoring feast this season is his signature three-point retreat. Harden's three-point retreat always caught him unprepared, which can be said to be one of the most difficult defensive techniques in the NBAWhy is it so difficult to prevent harden from dribbling the ball through his crotch
It can only be said that your ball control skills are not enough. The range of your wrist should be increased when passing the ball under your crotch. Your wrist should be a little soft, but not too hard. Just like you throw the ball, if your wrist is too hard, your ball is laborious and the accuracy is not high. The strength should not be placed on your palm and four fingersBasketball Teaching: how much do you know about these skills of crotch dribbling
Action points: press the upper right side of the ball, the ball passes between the legs, and the step up and hand change should be coordinated. Easy to make mistakes: the crotch dribble hit place is too front or too back, and the coordination between hands and feet is not coordinated. Correction method: dribbBasketball crotch teaching harden  just hardenle under the hip in place and slowly, and gradually accelerate the dribble practice. Dribble practice method:
How much do you know about the basic basketball teaching and crotch dribbling skills
Step 1: lower the center of gravity. Without looking at the ball, first practice the right hand in situ dribble, and then practice the left hand in situ dribble. Step 2: use the power of the wrist to dribble left and right in front of the body.Basketball crotch teaching harden  just harden Similarly, dribble back and forth on one side of the body. It should be noted that when dribbling, the lower the center of gravity, the better
Basketball crotch teaching harden just harden

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